Ian Ziskin Information Sheets - Coaching and Speaking

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Ian Ziskin Coaching Overview

»Download Coaching Overview Flyer (PDF)
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Ian Ziskin Speaking Overview

»Download Speaker Overview Flyer (PDF)
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Ian Ziskin Speaking Topics

WillBe™: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s
»Download Flyer (PDF)

Black Holes and White Spaces™: The Future of HR and Effective Organizations
»Download Flyer (PDF)

The Art of the Question™: Making Human Capital Strategy Real and Relevant
»Download Flyer (PDF)

The Talenterprise™: Putting People Over Process
»Download Flyer (PDF)

The Collaboratory™: Building a Collaboration, Engagement, and Performance Culture
»Download Flyer (PDF)

Life in the Slow Lane™: Career Lessons Learned for the Bumpy Road Ahead
»Download Flyer (PDF)

(For more info, see Speaking Topics page)

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