Our Approach

EXec EXcel Group LLC combines real world experience, a personal approach, and customized solutions to help senior executives and their teams achieve individual and organizational success.

EXec EXcel Group was founded on a very simple and specific premise: our mission is to help leaders at all levels and phases of their careers make a difference, every day.

This approach is an extension of EXec EXcel Group president Ian Ziskin’s personal leadership philosophy:

  • CredibilityDo what we say we will do, maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and keep confidential information confidential.
  • CollaborationPartner seamlessly with clients and other institutions, and achieve success by making others successful.
  • CouragePush back on things that don’t make sense and push forward on those things that do.
  • CompetenceTake responsibility for our performance, know what we don’t know, surround ourselves with the very best people, and help others do the same.
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