Clients, Colleagues, and Friends—

Lacey Leone McLaughlin and I are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership: Business inSITE Group (BiG)!

This arrangement between our firms, LLM Consulting Group, Inc. and EXec EXcel Group LLC, is a BiG deal for us because it formalizes the partnership and work we have done together on coaching and leadership development initiatives over the past 10 years.

Coach teaching about the way of setting goals, concept about objectives and success

Business inSITE Group focuses on leaders who are making transitions to new, bigger, and more complex roles in organizations that are going through large-scale transformational change. Our partnership brings together the power of over 50 years of combined experience working with more than 200 clients in over 20 industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, consumer products, energy, entertainment, financial services, software, technology, telecommunications, and others—and builds on each firm’s capabilities in three primary business segments.

What We Do

COACHING—individual and cohort coaching for C-level executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, high potentials, and leaders transitioning to new roles.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT—custom and public experiences and programs for senior and high potential operating, functional, and HR leaders.

CONSORTIUM FOR CHANGE (C4C)—a network of select coaches, consultants, and leadership development experts that enables us to drive change and scale up for BiG engagements in coaching and leadership development, as well as in organizational and HR transformation.

Check out examples of coaching and leadership development services. We would like to highlight a few services in particular where we believe we can contribute most directly and immediately to your organization’s effectiveness-individual leadership coaching, CHROME and WiLL cohort coaching services, and our various leadership development experiences including Leadership inSITE, Transformania, MILEstone, and custom programs.

Why BiG is Good for You

  • Broad and deep capability and experience in a wide range of coaching, leadership development, and change leadership projects.
  • Fee structure that cost-effectively accommodates clients across a full range of price points.
  • Agility to scale fast to large, complex client needs and to situations that call for unique, custom solutions.
  • Strong geographic presence and market understanding.

Let’s Talk

We would be thrilled to discuss your business, coaching, and leadership development challenges with you!

Ian Ziskin
Co-founder, Business inSITE Group
(303) 913-9100

Lacey Leone McLaughlin
Co-founder, Business inSITE Group
(310) 849-7163