About EXec EXcel Group

EXec EXcel Group LLC is a consulting and coaching firm specializing in human capital strategy, leadership & talent development, and organizational transformation. EXec EXcel Group was founded on a very simple and specific premise: our mission is to help leaders at all levels and phases of their careers make a difference, every day.

To that end, we combine real world experience, a personal approach, and customized solutions to help senior executives and their teams achieve individual and organizational success.

Real Experience—as a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and leader at virtually every organizational level, EXec EXcel Group president Ian Ziskin offers pragmatic “been there, done that” answers shaped by successes, mistakes, and lessons learned.

Personal Touch—Through relationships with Fortune 500 CHROs, his involvement in multiple professional associations, and strategic affiliations with leading universities, Ian maintains direct connections with practitioners and best practices that work.

Customized Solutions—Ian is interested in creative problem-solving, not in selling standardized templates or theoretical models.

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