LI-CrystalBall-Big-WorldIn their article, “A Cross-Functional, Cross-Organizational Model for Leadership Development,” published recently in Employment Relations Today, Lacey Leone McLaughlin and Ian Ziskin imagine a world where great leaders and great leadership actually make a difference to business performance—a seemingly never-ending aspiration since the organizational model of doing business first appeared.

The authors explore whether today’s organizations really have a chance to build leaders who are relevant and ready for the kind of world they are going to inherit in the next five to ten years:

  • What will they need to know, do, ask, and answer to lead with the courage and confidence required to make things happen?
  • How will they need to think about and act on the challenges and opportunities facing organizations of the future?

For a fascinating read and a glimpse into what the future may hold for your organization and your leaders, read their article here:

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