HR Magazine interviews Ian Ziskin about THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive

EXec EXcel Group’s Ian Ziskin was interviewed by HR Magazine about his new book, THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive (Wiley, 2015). Below is a transcript of that interview that appeared in HR Magazine’s “Book Blog” on October 14. HR Magazine: Why did you write THREE? Ian Ziskin: The book →

Only Two Spots Remain for October 2015 Leadership inSITE Program

The October 27-29, 2015 session of Leadership inSITE in Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly approaching, and the program is nearly full. We have only two spots left for leaders who want to participate in this unique development program designed to accelerate Strategy, Innovation, Transformation and Execution (SITE). The program is the product of a →

Ian Ziskin Announces Release of ‘THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive’

EXec EXcel Group’s Ian Ziskin has announced the release of his new book, THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive, on Tuesday, September 8, 2015! THREE is a comprehensive look at the emerging and experienced HR leader’s role, with a particular emphasis on: The importance of HR leaders, as leaders, and →

Register Now for the Next Session of Leadership inSITE

Enrollment remains brisk, but spots are still available for high potential leaders to participate in the next session of Leadership inSITE™ this October in Scottsdale, Arizona. This unique program builds leadership capability in four “insights” that are crucial for successful, high potential leaders: Strategy, Innovation, Transformation, and Execution (S-I-T-E). Leadership →

Trends and Truths about the Future of Leadership Development

EXec EXcel Group’s Ian Ziskin’s article, “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders: Trends and Truths about the Future of Leadership Development,” appeared in the June issue of HR People + Strategy’s “Update” newsletter. In the article, Ian looks at 10 trends and truths about the future of leadership development, ranging →

Ian Ziskin to Lead HR People + Strategy’s Executive Leadership Program

EXec EXcel Group president Ian Ziskin is leading HR People + Strategy’s “Executive Leadership Program,” June 17 to 18 in Alexandria, Virginia. This two-day event is designed to give HR executives the opportunity to explore through dialogue and discussion the critical and complementary aspects of HR Leadership including: The leadership philosophy →

Black Holes and White Spaces

Imagine yourself in a world of work where changes in jobs, globalization, technology, engagement, and demographics are driving unprecedented changes in how, where, when, and why work gets done – and by whom. Actually, there is no need to imagine it, because you are living it. Future. Forward. Fast. Work →

May 2015 Update

Dear Clients and Colleagues: As we celebrate our 5 year anniversary since founding EXec EXcel Group LLC, many thanks for the opportunity to work with and get to know so many of you! This update summarizes some current and future priorities that may be of interest to you and others →