THREE - The Human Resources Emerging Executive by Ian Ziskin

China Gorman, well-known consultant and speaker, has written a review of Ian Ziskin’s new book, THREE (The Human Resources Emerging Executive).

In her review, “Ian Ziskin on CHRO Success,” Gorman emphasizes that Ziskin’s focus on “business before HR” is one of the main reasons she “really likes this book,” citing it’s easy-to-digest, practical chapters that cover the whole spectrum of being an effective business and HR leader.

She writes, “The book itself is not a hard read. It is a bit of a workbook that encourages readers to actively engage in the content and in self-reflection. If you’re serious about becoming a CHRO, you should get a copy and get started. If you’re in HR and don’t want to be a CHRO, you should still get a copy and get started.”

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