Leaving the position of CHRO at a Top 100 corporation to establish and lead my own consulting company has been an eye-opener and a life-changing experience.  In addition to the career move, my wife and I have also made a residential move, from Los Angeles to Sag Harbor, NY – a move we have dreamed about for 30 years, into a home we have designed and seen built.  Add to that our youngest son starting his freshman year in college this fall, and we seem to have transformed our lives on several levels.

It’s said that you shouldn’t make more than one major life change at a time (apparently, I didn’t get that memo) – yet I believe that change is the greatest motivator for growth.  Life’s changes, planned and unplanned, remind us of the fragility and fascination of personal growth and development.  Both great anxiety and great anticipation are often present when the most growth takes place – including being simultaneously scared and excited for our son as he sets out on this next stage of his life.  When you learn to embrace the changes, you allow yourself to envision goals and achievements you may not have realized before.  Even the recent earthquake and hurricane on the East Coast remind us that singular events can change lives forever.