In a recent “Bringing the Human back to Human Resources” podcast with Traci Chernoff, Ian Ziskin shared his insight on what pizza has to do with transformational change. Of course, Ian is talking about the book, The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change, which he helped bring to life as lead author.

As lead author of The Secret Sauce, Ian joined dozens of other senior business leaders, HR leaders, experts, coaches, and consultants who contributed their own expertise, vivid stories, lessons learned, and best practices for what it takes to lead, survive, and thrive in periods of transformational change.

Bringing the Human back to Human Resources is a podcast hosted by Traci (Rubin) Chernoff, a Director of Employee Engagement, who has spent nearly 10 years in critical HR leadership roles. Through her podcast, she explores the delicate balance between people and business and destigmatizes what it means to be in “Human Resources.”