Exec Excel Group president Ian Ziskin joined host Chris Dyer on Talent Talk Radio to share his insights on the evolving world of Human Resources and leadership.

In the 15-minute segment, Ian discusses:

  • Lessons learned from his 36-year career in HR as a business executive, including the launch eight years ago of Exec Excel Group, his coaching and consultancy company.
  • How his career in HR has given him the opportunity to work with leaders at all levels and help them and their organizations be as effective as possible—something he wanted to do (and has been able to do) more of with Exec Excel Group.
  • How his desire to learn and challenge himself lead him to start his own business from scratch, which required him to engage in business development and view business through the eyes of an entrepreneur for the first time.
  • His book THREE (The Human Resources Emerging Executive) and its exploration of leadership philosophy, HR’s evolving role in today’s organizations, and the future of work for emerging HR leaders.

Listen to the Interview