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Ian ZiskinMany leaders who transition to new, larger, or more complex roles could use some advice on how to quickly get up to speed and make a difference. Likewise, even leaders who have been in their jobs for a few years know how tough it is to get traction and deliver business results. The challenge may be leadership style and effectiveness, content knowledge and expertise, knowing what to do and ask, spending time with the right people, understanding the company culture, reconciling competing priorities, and/or learning from critical developmental inflection points as they are happening.

If you—or leaders you know—are facing any of these circumstances, you and they are not alone. And, you can do something about it.

Ian Ziskin has been a senior executive. He has worked with and for great and not-so-great CEOs and other leaders. He has worked with Boards and is a Board member himself. He has advised hundreds of leaders in his roles as a coach, consultant, and corporate executive. He has lived through and learned from the experiences and organizational dynamics that leaders live with. Let him help.

Ian works with CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, other C-level executives, senior operating leaders, and high potential business and HR leaders.

Here is what some of them have to say about working with Ian as a leadership coach:

“Still to this day, having Ian as a coach was the best investment ever made in my personal development. Ian had an incredible way of listening, understanding the core of the issue and helping broaden my perspective by seeing issues through a different lens. Definitely would do it all over again.”

“I engaged with Ian as I was transitioning into a senior HR role within my company—one that took me out of my comfort zone, constituted something of a “turn-around,” came with high levels of visibility, and was responsible for some very key deliverables for our enterprise.  I’m honestly not sure I would have successfully navigated my first year in this role without the Ian’s support.  I found Ian to be a skilled listener (often able to put into words what I was feeling or only sensing), an experienced and insightful sounding board for my ideas/insights, and capable of providing very candid feedback in a way that challenged and encouraged me to be my best.”

“Ian has an uncanny ability to quickly appreciate what makes someone unique and also what might deter them from reaching their full potential. When I measure the value of coaching I think insights, opportunities and realizing potential. Ian time and again delivers all three for me and for my leaders seeking to up their game. When I work with a leader ready for step function change, Ian is my go to coach.”

“Ian has been instrumental in helping both C-level and other senior leaders in their development both through individual coaching and strategic leadership development programs. With Ian’s structured and pragmatic approach to coaching, the process itself is as valuable as the output. This has benefited the organization in multiple ways from faster solution creation for customers to equipping the organization to effectively resolve real time issues speedily and successfully, ultimately enabling a far higher level of performance.”

“Ian provided pinpointed feedback and real life examples during an important transition in my career. He helped me proactively anticipate the challenges of providing leadership across a variety of countries. Ian also helped me understand the evolution of my role from a functional expert to a trusted advisor of an extremely senior leader. As I reflect back on this fantastic experience and assignment, I truly believe that Ian’s guidance and coaching over my first year in this role was the key to my success.”

“My coaching with Ian provided me in-depth insider knowledge of the requirements to be a successful CHRO.  This new appreciation of the skills and behaviors required of a CHRO has equipped me with a stronger and clearer strategic view of my function.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ian to anyone who is making a step up into a senior HR position.”

“I can’t emphasize enough the value of being able to talk to someone who has achieved the CHRO role and who clearly paints for you what the journey upward will be like and whether you are up for the challenge.”

“Ian’s real time coaching has been invaluable to me in navigating through a role for which there is often no means of preparation. I would highly recommend him to anyone assuming the CHRO role. ”

“Ian was instrumental in helping change the lens on issues; the result was always a better outcome than I would have made. His real talk about experiences in the CHRO role provided great insight and enabled me to process whether this was a journey I would aspire to. Ian is passionate, authentic, and purposeful about developing Human Resources professionals into better Human Resources Leaders.”

“Working with Ian has been transformative. He quickly established rapport to capture and communicate high-value feedback.”

“Ian had an immediate and positive impact on my outlook and approach to broader executive and global issues. He has been a constant source of guidance in assisting me to reach pragmatic solutions.”

“I gained more insight about myself and what it takes to be an effective leader through this coaching relationship than any other experience in my career.”

“Ian excels at making people comfortable to provide open and honest feedback and then grouping that feedback into clear, workable themes that helped me understand and internalize the feedback and develop a targeted action plan to improve my performance and my team’s performance.”

Powerful Coaching Philosophy and Approach

Whether it’s a 6 month leadership transition tune-up or a more in-depth 12-18 month engagement, Ian can help you or someone you know make a difference as a leader. Every coaching engagement is different because every leader is different. There is no one best coaching strategy. But, there is a powerful philosophy and approach to coaching that guides a coaching relationship with Ian. Learn about Ian’s coaching philosophy in The Ten Inflection Points of Coaching.

»Download Coaching Brochure (PDF)

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