Leadership & Talent Development

EXec EXcel Group LLC services combine real world experience, a personal approach, and customized solutions. All services are customizable to individual and/or organizational needs.

Leadership & Talent Development

Ensuring the highest quality leaders and talent at all levels of the organization is the single most important way to set the tone about values, behaviors, and ethics, and to ensure your organization has people with the will and skill necessary to execute effectively and get things done.

  • How do you know whether you have the right leaders?
  • Is it clear what your leaders are great at, and what development needs they have?
  • Who are your best, most talented “up & comers” at every organizational level, and what are you doing to identify and develop them differently compared to everyone else?
  • Do you worry about losing some of your best people, and do you have anybody ready to replace them?
  • Do you have ways of personally interacting with your best people, or are you relying on paper and presentations to get to know them and their work?

Let’s talk about leadership & talent development . . .

  • Coaching and assimilation for Chief Human Resources Officers, CHRO successors, Human Resources high potentials, CEOs, and other leaders
  • Executive development program design and delivery
  • Leadership & talent and succession management

»Human Capital Strategy
»Organizational Transformation

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