Books by Ian Ziskin.
The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change

The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change, from lead author Ian Ziskin and with contributions from senior business leaders, HR leaders, experts, coaches, and consultants shares insight, vivid stories, lessons learned, and best practices for what it takes to lead, survive, and thrive in periods of transformational change.

Now available in Audible Audiobook format, narrated by Jonathan Yen.

THREE – The Human Resources Emerging Executive
THREE – The Human Resources Emerging Executive by Ian Ziskin is the definitive guidebook for thriving in the ever-changing role of HR leadership. It is written for high potential HR emerging executives who want to accelerate their effectiveness and business impact, and for the bosses, peers, colleagues, friends, coaches, mentors, and teachers who want to assist them in doing so.
WillBe: A Book for High Potentials Who Have What It Takes
Everyone has talent and potential, but not everyone will be equally successful at realizing his or her full potential. Not everyone is a “WillBe.” But you could be. In WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s, author Ian Ziskin draws on his nearly 30 years of experience working with and developing thousands of aspiring leaders to offer a fast-paced and often amusing perspective on leadership behaviors that lead to success.
Black Holes and White Spaces (eBook)
Black Holes and White Spaces describes tools and frameworks that leaders inside and outside the HR profession can use to transform the HR profession and their organizational success. It summarizes the collective wisdom and hard work of over 70 exemplary chief HR officers and other leaders. Their mission: Disruptively accelerate the progress of the HR profession to meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the new world of work.