WillBe: Reader Testimonials

“Ian Ziskin’s reputation and experiences in corporate America make this book a must read for those who aspire to be at the top, and those at the top who place bets on those who aspire to be there.”
Dennis Carey, Vice Chairman Korn/Ferry International

“This is a high potential book—full of wisdom and practical advice that is within the grasp of anyone who truly desires to make a difference, and that’s where it really begins, believing you make a difference! Don’t be tempted to read this book quickly or all in one sitting—savor it, and really give some thought to the questions that Ziskin poses. This book raises the bar for every reader—WannaBe’s and WillBe’s alike. Make your own luck, read this book.”
Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D. Coauthor, The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership

“Ziskin reminds us that the true secret to success lies in figuring out what we do best and doing it to the best of our ability. WillBe offers fabulous insights for anyone wanting to be the best person he or she can be.”
Randy Street New York Times best selling author of Who: The A Method for Hiring President, ghSMART & Co., Inc.

“WillBe captures the essence of successful attributes and behaviors that I have seen CEOs and other highly effective executives display throughout their careers. Ziskin presents them in a compelling, pragmatic, and understandable way that is extremely relevant to less experienced up-and-coming, aspiring leaders.”
Rick Smith, Founder and Former CEO, World 50 Bestselling author of The Leap

“WillBe is an extremely practical and fun read. Ian Ziskin is a guy who understands exactly what it takes to identify and develop up-and-coming talent.”
Rich Floersch, Executive Vice President, Human Resources McDonald’s

“Ziskin packs a lifetime of learning into this brief book—all you need to know about career success, pithily, even amusingly, presented. Buy it, read it, use it, and be a WillBe.”
Lee Dyer, Professor of Human Resource Studies ILR School, Cornell University

“Ian Ziskin has distilled the insights of an exemplary career as an HR leader into a set of uniquely readable, direct, and useful guidelines for truly high potential leaders. These are the ideas you can draw upon every day.”
John Boudreau, Professor of Business and Research Director Center for Effective Organizations Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California Author of Retooling HR

“Ian Ziskin has hit the mark with this wonderfully ‘spot on’ book on how to be a high performer in any organization. The frames and language Ziskin uses throughout the book stick with you from first glance, and the concepts stick just as easily. Based on years of experience as an HR guru and executive, Ziskin has created the equivalent of ‘the little black book’ for anyone wanting to succeed in life and organizations. Readers will find this book a helpful, useful, memorable tool that WillHelp you be a WillBe, not a WannaBe.”
Kimberly Jaussi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership School of Management, Binghamton University

“Advice about career building is offered by lots of self-styled experts, but it’s rare indeed to have such advice provided by a senior human resources executive of major companies. Yet, Ian Ziskin knows his way around this subject intimately. He’s produced a book that is not only filled with firing line-gained knowledge about career building, but also with specific action steps that people can take to make their careers successful. With a focus on key behaviors and related watchwords, Ziskin has produced a book about career building that is akin to Coach John Wooden’s writings on leadership.”
David Lewin, Neil H. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior UCLA Anderson School of Management

“Succinct principles that are universally applicable to all leadership situations are hard to find. Ian Ziskin has captured highly meaningful leadership principles with practical examples to develop future and current leaders. This primer is an excellent contribution for leadership assessment and development.”
Marcia Avedon, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications Ingersoll Rand

“Ian Ziskin has written a straightforward, provocative guide which can benefit all of us. It is a quick read . . . and a must read for anyone wanting to be the best he or she can be.”
Tom Helfrich, Executive Vice President, Human Resources KeyCorp

“In WillBe, Ian Ziskin has coupled his years of leadership experience with his practical knowledge of effective organizational behavior, and applied them in a very readable set of examples. This tool kit of behaviors will assist anyone who works in any setting, where working effectively with others is important.”
Curt Gray, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Administration BAE Systems Inc.

“WillBe is a great read for self-motivated, early-in-career executives and managers who have aspirations to reach senior management. The 13-point checklist provides a simple and complete self-study guide to assess leadership potential and positively address skill gaps.”
Greg Woodson, Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Colgate Palmolive Company

“Among my network members, the identification and development of high potential talent is an ever-present priority. Ian Ziskin’s framework and guidance for high potential executives is a must read for current leaders looking to develop next generation talent, and for those who aspire to be leaders.”
Mike Dulworth, President & CEO Executive Networks, Inc.

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