WillBe: A Book for High Potentials Who Have What It Takes

WillBe is refreshingly practical.” WillBe Reader

WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe's are Luckier than WannaBe's by Ian Ziskin ISBN 978-0-578-07707-9
WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s
by Ian Ziskin
ISBN 978-0-578-07707-9
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Everyone has talent and potential, but not everyone will be equally successful at realizing his or her full potential. Not everyone is a “WillBe.” But you could be.

  • Are you getting ready to complete college or graduate school?
  • Are you in the first 10-15 years of your career?
  • Do you aspire to realize your full potential?
  • Are you a senior leader who wants to invest in the development of high potential up-and-comers?

In WillBe: 13 Reasons WillBe’s are Luckier than WannaBe’s, author Ian Ziskin draws on his nearly 30 years of experience working with and developing thousands of aspiring leaders to offer a fast-paced and often amusing perspective on leadership behaviors that lead to success.

Ziskin has filled WillBe with insight, lessons learned, and anecdotes covering everyday organizational life and situations readers are sure to recognize. He guides readers through a self-diagnostic tour and assessment of certain “what would you do” situations, each aimed at highlighting what works and what does not work in the workplace. Readers can’t help but feel energized to turn what they learn into action.

“Ian Ziskin brings an uncanny and practical perspective to the human dimension of driving great company performance. He’s seen it all, and offers sage advice to up-and-coming WillBe’s.”
—Dr. Ronald D. Sugar, Retired Chairman and CEO
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Member, Board of Directors of Apple, Amgen, and Chevron

“Congratulations on WillBe . . . I very much liked the voice you employed throughout: elegant, yet still clear and practical. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on ‘Anticipation’ and ‘Self-Awareness.’ Very keen insights, and the check-lists are a terrific inclusion.”WillBe Reader

WillBe is absolutely fantastic—quick, to-the-point advice for HR professionals. I truly enjoyed reading it and plan to order several copies so I can share it with my peers and colleagues.”WillBe Reader

WillBe is not your typical self-help, leadership development book. At just 117 pages, it is brief, to the point, and pragmatic. WillBe is about discovering, identifying, nurturing, and understanding what distinguishes WillBe‘s from WannaBe’s in the first place:

  • WillBe’s are high potentials who have the promise and ability to take on positions of additional responsibility and accountability over time, and to perform at levels that far exceed others.
  • WillBe’s clearly have what it takes—the ambition and attributes, the will and the skill—to fulfill the promise that others see in them.
  • WannaBe’s may aspire to achieve great things and to live up to lofty expectations, but they do NOT have what it takes.

“Thank you for the incredible tool (WillBe) you have given me and the rest of my leadership class! After countless leadership textbooks, articles, and case studies, I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of WillBe. Each chapter explains such a profound and essential aspect of leadership but in a straightforward, fool-proof manner. I consider that a highly commendable and impressive quality in any book.”
WillBe Reader

“Focused, action-oriented, and fast paced, this book is a must read for any executive who wants to succeed. In 13 crisp, thought-provoking, and absolutely on-the-button chapters, this book resonates with ideas and insights in a format that suits even the busiest of executives.”
—Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice
London Business School
Founder of the Hot Spots Movement

WillBe is an appetizing and attractive read for busy people. It’s easy-to-read, wise, and practical with some great quotes, situations, self assessments, and commitment/action plans. It is a gem, and a welcome addition to our Resource Library.”WillBe Reader

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WillBe is available for your Kindle reader, exclusively at Amazon.com.

“As part of my leadership development training, my mentor recommended I read a book called WillBe. My first internal reaction was ‘another leadership book to read.’ After reading the book, it became obvious I was entirely wrong. Each situation in the book was easy to relate to and very practical. This book is straight to the point, compact, and most of all inspiring. In my opinion, WillBe captures the most fundamental leadership principles that can help ambitious leaders excel to the next level. I plan to recommend this book to my peers.”
WillBe Reader

“As a college student, it seems that scholars emphasize a cookie-cutter process to becoming the next big CEO or leader. I liked that there is ambiguity and room for individuality in WillBe’s message: you can take the lessons and make them your own.”
WillBe Reader

“For a guy with wicked bad ADD, WillBe is the perfect length!”
WillBe Reader

WillBe summarizes 13 things truly successful people do extremely well, behaviors that get them noticed and make others believe in them. Displaying these behaviors consciously or unconsciously is what makes them WillBe’s and separates them from the WannaBe’s.

  • For those WillBe‘s already far along the success path, this book reinforces lifelong learning and success behaviors.
  • For those just starting out, it’s a great guidebook for shaping leadership abilities.
  • For senior leaders who want to invest in the development of high potential up-and-comers, WillBe can prove a useful and pragmatic tool.

“Ian Ziskin has done a great job of summarizing and simplifying a complex issue. WillBe is an insightful synthesis of Ian’s experiences as a business leader, with a very pragmatic focus on what high potentials can do to distinguish themselves as aspiring leaders.”
—Edward Lawler, Professor of Business and Director of the Center for Effective Organizations,
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Author of Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage (2008)

“This book is wonderful. I got a copy for my son who is headed off to college. He can/will really benefit from Ian Ziskin’s clear and easy-to-get thoughts! I highly recommended WillBe to everyone.
Congratulations on a great work.”
WillBe Reader

“We are at a particularly important point in time where organizations expect large-scale upheaval as the result of the retirement of baby boomers and globalization. This book offers timeless insights on the behaviors of successful leaders, as well as excellent advice to aspiring leaders. It is a great read for talented individuals who want to develop themselves and increase their chances of being future leaders.”
—Chris Collins, Professor of Human Resource Studies and
Director Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS),
School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University

  • An ideal development tool for your high potential WillBe‘s
  • Makes a great gift for friends, family, employees, and colleagues
  • ‘Foreword’ by Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Author of more than 20 books, including The Why of Work.

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WillBe is available for your Kindle reader, exclusively at Amazon.com.

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