HR Leadership Development from the Convenience of Your Home or Office

Transformania™ (Virtual) 2020 is a time-tested HR leadership development program for highly regarded HR leaders with 10 to 20 (or more) years of experience. It represents the most current and compelling version of numerous HR leadership development experiences led over the past eight years by Ian Ziskin, President, EXec EXcel Group, and Co-Founder and Partner, Business inSITE Group (BiG).  A content-rich, high quality, interactive, and engaging learning experience, this program unfolds virtually through six monthly two-hour modules from January 2020 to June 2020.

Led by EXec EXcel Group president Ian Ziskin, the program covers topics most relevant to HR leaders in today’s business world, including:

  • The Future of HR
  • Discovering Your Personal Leadership Profile
  • Leading Change
  • Developing Talent to Drive Performance

While Ian will lead the entire program, it will also include guest faculty, including a CHRO panel and several other practitioners and thought leaders.

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Program Content

The Transformania™ (Virtual) 2020 program content is based on Ian Ziskin’s 37+ years of experience as a CHRO, business executive, adviser, coach, consultant, teacher, speaker, and author.

Previously, the program had been available only in-person. By delivering Transformania™ virtually, the program is available at half the cost of the in-person version, and without time away from the office or home for participants.

The program draws heavily from several books Ian has written or co-edited, including Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR with the CHREATE Project (2018) and THREE: The Human Resources Emerging Executive (2015), as well as from dozens of his articles, blogs, and book chapters.

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